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FAQ’s - Central Jersey Foot & Ankle Care

Does Dr. Bass treat heel pain?

  • Heel pain or plantar fasciitis is a very common problem that Dr. Bass treats. It’s actually the most common foot condition among Americans. The pain usually occurs just behind your heel or underneath it where the Achilles tendon attaches to the bone. It generally begins with mild discomfort then progresses to flare ups and intense pain. This can be severe and sometimes disabling. There are many different treatment options such as injections and orthotics. If heel pain is detected early enough it can be treated successfully with noninvasive treatments. Physical therapy and at-home exercises can also be helpful. If your pain or other symptoms such as swelling, redness or warmth persist we recommend you limit your daily activities. The longer the symptoms of heel pain continue, the more difficult it is to find relief. If you’re experiencing any type of pain in your heel, schedule an appointment with us today!

Why do I have cramps in my legs?

  • Cramping in the legs can be caused by many conditions, one being peripheral artery disease (PAD). This occurs when your arteries are narrower than normal or blocked completely. Because of this, the blood flow to your legs and feet is restricted. Besides cramping, PAD has a few other common symptoms. These include pain, tenderness or tiredness in your hips and legs. If you’ve experienced pain while you were walking, it most likely went away when you rested. However, don’t be fooled it usually comes back once you start walking again. There are different ways to treat PAD. First, is trying different types of medication to lower your cholesterol. In severe cases surgery could be required. I may also prescribe a supervised exercise program to improve the distance you can walk pain free. If you leave PAD untreated it could eventually lead to an amputation. Dr. Bass can perform a quick, non-invasive test to see if the cramps in your legs may be due to circulation and not the muscles. It’s worth it!

How do you treat nail fungus?

Does Dr. Bass treat children?

Do you perform bunion surgery?

Yes Dr. Bass performs bunion surgery as well as all other types of forefoot surgery.

Do you take x-rays on premises?

  • Yes, Central Jersey Foot & Ankle Care uses the most up-to-date digital x-ray processing system. No chemicals or darkrooms are needed and we’re able to share the x-rays with the patients right in the treatment room!

Does Dr. Bass make house call or home visits?

  • In the case where a patient is home bound and can’t leave, Dr. Bass can perform a house call.

What insurances do you accept?

  • Dr. Bass accepts almost all insurances including Medicare, Horizon, Aetna, Cigna and United Healthcare. If you contact the office, the staff can check to see if we accept your specific insurance.

Is Dr. Bass on staff at Centrastate Medical Center?

  • Dr. Bass holds admitting privileges at Centrastate Medical Center in Freehold as well as Raritan Bay Medical Center in Old Bridge and Perth Amboy.